What’s in an A

Today in my software engineering class I gave the students their group project, on which they will be working for the rest of the semester. In doing so, I outlined the requirements and identified additional features that could be added but were not required. Then, in discussing grading for the project, we went over the… Read More »

Visual Studio 2008 Web Setup Project, Web Deployment Project, and MSDeploy

I have been developing a strategy for deploying an ASP.Net Web Application (Visual Studio 2008, .NET 3.5) to staging servers, and to production.  In the process, I have encountered 3 products from Microsoft that almost sound synonymous to the untrained ear, but are very different and are designed for completely different purposes.  I wish that… Read More »

Word cannot start the convertor mswrd632

I have written a command line application that, among other things, converts Word Documents to HTML using the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word library. I haven’t used it for a while, and recently had to re-run some conetnt and found this error: “Word cannot start the convertor mswrd632” occurring quite frequently. Apparently Microsoft released a security update on 2009-12-08… Read More »

Active Directory (Windows Domain) Authentication with Subversion (SVN)

There are a few different ways to integrate Windows Active Directory (Domain) authentication with SVN. Specifically the two that seemed most promising were LDAP and SSPI, with SSPI looking the most straightforward, so that is the one that I will outline here. Include dependent modules First we need to include the apache modules we’ll be… Read More »

Data Mining and Statistics

When I first heard of Data Mining, I wondered what the difference was between it and simple indexing on one hand or statistics on the other. Was this just another buzz-word? Since then, I’ve been been asked the same question by others.  This week, I came across an interesting article on the Data Miners Blog… Read More »