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Active Directory (Windows Domain) Authentication with Subversion (SVN)

There are a few different ways to integrate Windows Active Directory (Domain) authentication with SVN. Specifically the two that seemed most promising were LDAP and SSPI, with SSPI looking the most straightforward, so that is the one that I will outline here. Include dependent modules First we need to include the apache modules we’ll be… Read More »

Google Chrome

A little while back I wrote a blog post about how I wasn’t very excited about the news of Google’s new browser, Chrome. My feeling being that we have some pretty good browsers already, and I wished people would focus on making other improvements instead of reinventing the wheel, and trying to force all web… Read More »

Switching to WordPress

I have been using another site to host my blog, but I have been much more impressed with WordPress as of late, so I think I’m going to switch over here. I’m dreading the tasking of moving over old posts and trying to keep old URL’s consistent, so we’ll have to see what happens there.… Read More »

Outlook New Mail Alert with Rules

In Outlook (I specifically use Outlook 2007), I love the new mail alert features where the sound is played, the semi-transparent desktop alert is shown, and the envelope is shown in the system tray. This keeps you from having to constantly check your inbox for new mail, and yet be able to ignore messages without… Read More »