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Javascript Parsing URL Parameters

Passing URL parameters on the query string is very standard, and yet Javascript doesn’t give an easy way to access them, leaving each of us to have to re-invent the wheel ourselves. This puts us each on a google search to try to find a good function. I found one at: Kudo’s to “lobo235”… Read More »

Having C# Code Launch the debugger

Sometimes you have a library running outside of your traditional debug mode, but would like to call into it with a debugger. I specifically ran into this with a custom installer dll called by a custom action in my MSI. The following code will allow the process itself to request debugging. Then you can specify… Read More »

LINQ “gotchas”

I am using VS 2008 and LINQ (specifically LINQ to SQL) for a project at work right now. As I jump into this, I am going to document some of the pros, cons, and “gotchas” that I come across. Any articles in this series will have the label “LINQ” . Here is my first list… Read More »