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Visual Studio 2008 Web Setup Project, Web Deployment Project, and MSDeploy

I have been developing a strategy for deploying an ASP.Net Web Application (Visual Studio 2008, .NET 3.5) to staging servers, and to production.  In the process, I have encountered 3 products from Microsoft that almost sound synonymous to the untrained ear, but are very different and are designed for completely different purposes.  I wish that… Read More »

Active Directory (Windows Domain) Authentication with Subversion (SVN)

There are a few different ways to integrate Windows Active Directory (Domain) authentication with SVN. Specifically the two that seemed most promising were LDAP and SSPI, with SSPI looking the most straightforward, so that is the one that I will outline here. Include dependent modules First we need to include the apache modules we’ll be… Read More »

Email: The First 50 Characters

An email came in the other day from my utility company, telling me they received my payment. “Return to Home Dear Scott Burton” it began… Obviously, when the message was pulled up completely, it was formatted to look all pretty, but that doesn’t come through on a preview in Gmail, Outlook, etc, as well as… Read More »

MS SQL Server Editions

Microsoft has several different versions of SQL Server 2005. If you are looking for a truly enterprise solution, you’ll have to shell out the money for that one. Otherwise, many times one of the lighter versions can be sufficient. Here is a link to a Microsoft page outlining the specific differences between each version:… Read More »