GAE – Git Push to deploy – “Failed to load application, threadsafe is a required field., none”

By | 2014-01-28

I have been looking at different PAAS options that can work with the firewall restrictions my students have (i.e., no SSH). Recently I have been looking into Google Application Engine (GAE). After following their basic tutorial, I then went through the tutorial for using Git, Push to Deploy.

On my first deploy I got the following error message:

remote: Deployment failed, details: { Failed to load application, threadsafe is a required field., none}

The solution was to add:

threadsafe: false

to my app.yaml file.

In hindsight this seems fairly straightforward, but it took a little bit of Googling around to track it down because I wasn’t sure what part of the deployment chain might be throwing this error (it didn’t come up when I used the standard deployment method), so I thought I would post it here as well.

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