Tortoise SVN on Windows over SSH (svn+ssh): Cache password to avoid the repeated dialog

By | 2010-09-17

My environment: Linux server, Windows Client

You can use Tortoise SVN to access a repository over ssh by simply changing your url to be something along the lines of:


but then you are repeatedly given the password dialog, with no option to save or cache your password.

The way to get around this is to use ssh and keep the store the key in your pageant list.  So essentially the steps are:

  1. Create a .ssh dir under your home directory on the server
  2. Generate a public and private key on the server, and put the public key in your ssh dir
  3. Convert the private key to the format Putty likes (using puttygen.exe)
  4. Create a saved session in Putty for logging into your server with your private key
  5. Have pageant.exe running and add the private key to the list stored in pageant, so you don’t have to continue to enter the passphrase
  6. Change your repository URL to have your putty saved session as the “server” rather than “”

The following two sites do a great job of walking through the details of how to do each step above:

However, when trying to import my private key into puttygen, I received the error:

“Couldn’t load private key (ciphers other than DES-EDE3-CBC not supported)”

Which I solved by getting a different snapshot of putty gen from: (as described on :

One thought on “Tortoise SVN on Windows over SSH (svn+ssh): Cache password to avoid the repeated dialog

  1. Hrish

    Getting a different version of puttygen solved this for me too. Thanks!


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