I recently setup an ASP.Net 3.5 web application on a new Windows 2008 R2 server with IIS 7 and ran into a few issues.  I will post about them all under the tag: “asp.net 3.5 with iis 7“.

After setting up the file system and creating the application, I tried to load the default document in a browser and got:

HTTP Error 500.19 – Internal Server Error

The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid.

Module IIS Web Core
Notification BeginRequest
Handler Not yet determined
Error Code 0x80070021
Config Error This configuration section cannot be used at this path. This happens when the section is locked at a parent level. Locking is either by default (overrideModeDefault=”Deny”), or set explicitly by a location tag with overrideMode=”Deny” or the legacy allowOverride=”false”.

Module IIS Web Core Notification BeginRequest Handler Not yet determined Error Code 0x80070021 Config Error This configuration section cannot be used at this path. This happens when the section is locked at a parent level. Locking is either by default (overrideModeDefault=”Deny”), or set explicitly by a location tag with overrideMode=”Deny” or the legacy allowOverride=”false”.

The solution was to make a change in the applicationHost.config file.

  1. Browse to “C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config” (you will need administrator rights here)
  2. Open applicationHost.config
  3. Find the section that showed up in the “config source” part of the error message page.  For me this has typically been “modules” or “handlers”
  4. Change the overrideModeDefault attribute to be “Allow”
  5. So the whole line now looks like:
  6. <section name="modules" allowDefinition="MachineToApplication" overrideModeDefault="Allow" />

After saving the file, the page loaded up fine in my browser.

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  1. 1 irwan

    Thank You

  2. 2 Yuri

    That saved me lots of time. Thank you

  3. 3 Saud

    This solution is not working for me i am still getting the same error and i have no idea how to resolve this. IIS 5.0 was lot more better i wonder why microsoft designs IIS 7.0.

  4. 4 Rishabh

    after the changes made to the file as you shown above,i encountered error 400.3 which i corrected in IIS setting by going at Program and Features -IIS-worldwideweb services-App dev and features…
    Now Latest that i have got after correcting it is as under

    HTTP Error 500.23 – Internal Server Error
    An ASP.NET setting has been detected that does not apply in Integrated managed pipeline mode.
    if you could help me in resolving this issue

  5. 5 Derek

    Hi, I can’t get my host to change windows server files so how do I fix this?

  6. 6 Mathew

    @Rishabh and also for any other googlers who reach here looking for a solution can refer to the below link for a solution..

  7. 7 Sai Krishna

    Thanks alot:) Saved lots of time:)

  8. 8 Ehsan

    Thanks a lot….

    Wasted a lot of time with this problem until I read this post…

  9. 9 Tauseef

    I had the same problem. I fixed it by going to turn on/off windows features and enabling the needed features like the framework and the state services.

  10. 10 Govind

    Great work! thanks a Lot :)

  11. 11 Aayush Bahuguna

    Thanks a lot :)

  12. 12 Digit

    I am using a nested asp.net 4.0 application under an existing asp.net application subfolder. The error only occurs when I call any DomainService function. This only happens on the web hosting site after I FTP the files there.

    Let me stress that:
    – Everything works fine on my local IIS (after I publish it there)
    – My local IIS has the same directory and file structure as the remote site for the parent/child nested setup.
    – I’ve never made changes to my applicationHost.config entry and it looks like this

    So if it overrideModeDefault=”Deny” on my local machine and everything works then this is not a solution to the real underlying problem. I am seeking a way to fix this error by only using the web.config files for my applications.

  13. 13 abba

    really helpful, thanks

  14. 14 Richa

    after follow your way to change in apphost file. i got below error..

    HTTP Error 403.14 – Forbidden
    The Web server is configured to not list the contents of this directory.

    pls find the way…

  15. 15 nasir

    partially working, now fall into another error.

  16. 16 David Griffiths

    This one was ultimately due to event log error which triggered at the same time, “There is insufficient system memory in resource pool ‘internal’ to run this query”.

    http://support.microsoft.com/kb/982854 tells me this is sql bug, requiring an update. The cumulative update @ http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2345451 should do for those on 2008r2 (no service pack – I think 10.50.1600).

    Not sure why the asp.net error was triggered and displayed.

  17. 17 Rohan

    thanks . after i follow your way i too fine the
    Http Error 403.14 – Forbidden
    The Web server is configure to not to list the contents of this directory.

    help me out ….

  18. 18 elvis

    Changed to Allow. I’m still getting the same error. This is frustrating. Somebody help please.

  19. 19 elvis

    I did what the other comments did. It did not work for me. In my case, I commented out the . This only works in the server. The line does not work when you try to preview the source code or page from Visual Studio.

  20. 20 Dale

    Hi guys
    I think a few of you are missing the fundamentals here.

    Before you start changing the config files and such, check the basics:

    Ensure that you have turned on the correct framework support and language support. ie .net 3.5 etc within control panel : programs : features

  21. 21 pelly
  1. 1 Confluence: Microsoft Windows

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