Monthly Archives: September 2008

Yes! Another new browser…

The release of Firefox 3 generated lots of excitement, and now we’re looking at a new browser from both Google and Microsoft in the wake.

Why does everyone want to invent the next great browser, they’re all great. Let’s advance the web field in other ways.

Browsers today are so comparable that I really don’t notice when I’m using one instead of the other, except for maybe which menu you click on to find a bookmark. I use IE and Firefox about 50% of the time each and really the only difference I consciously notice is that I have my IE set to alert me of all javascript errors, so I switch to Firefox if I’m visiting a loser page with lots of errors.

Increasing processor efficiency is great, but come on, I’m comparing it against other types of programs…huge memory/processor hogs like Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Office, and every browser is very efficient in that competition.

So what does a new release of a browser really gain you? It’s not like they can really add any new javascript APIs or anything like that because of the whole catch 22 of browser backwards compatibility. The reason things like ASP.Net or AJAX were such cool innovations because they enabled you to do more with the same technology–pushing the magic to the server.

I don’t know whether the future is with Flash/Silverlight, or more fancy AJAX or what, but honestly let’s get some really advancement going instead of just collated tabs, smoother looking menu buttons, porn mode, or better javascript memory management.

So forgive me if I don’t wet my pants with excitement over each new browser release, Firefox 2.0 and IE 6, are almost just as good.