Monthly Archives: August 2008

SubVersion (SVN) and Visual Studio 2008

I haven’t used the Team Suite of the Visual Studio projects, so I can’t speak to their effectiveness, but it seems that Microsoft has obviously shifted their focus there instead of trying to further the Visual Source Safe product line. The release of Visual Source Safe 2005 was a token release at best. It supposedly offered an http interface and other improvements, but was very poorly documented. A co-worker and I spent a day trying to set it up at one point with little success, to the point that we have continued to use the ancient VSS 6.0d.

The other option (unless you want to shell out the big bucks for the Team version) is SVN. I like SVN and think it is a great source control repository, my concern comes in integrating it with Visual Studio. I have used the PushOk plugin in the past and found that it was aptly named. It certainly wasn’t PushGreat or anything of that nature, but it seemed to do the trick. It has probably improved a lot since I used it but I really wasn’t too impressed.

I have now installed and set up AnkhSVN, an open source plugin. And so far I have been very impressed with it. It has a simple clean integration with Visual Studio 2008, and seems to work pretty well as far as the major functionality goes. I will write an update after I’ve used it for awhile, but I have pretty high hopes.