Monthly Archives: June 2008

Outlook New Mail Alert with Rules

In Outlook (I specifically use Outlook 2007), I love the new mail alert features where the sound is played, the semi-transparent desktop alert is shown, and the envelope is shown in the system tray. This keeps you from having to constantly check your inbox for new mail, and yet be able to ignore messages without clicking anything.

The preferences for this are found in:

Tools -> Options -> (Tab) Preferences -> (Button) E-mail Options -> (Button) Advanced E-mail Options -> (Group) When new items arrive in my inbox.

Another great feature is the Rules. It is very nice to move email automatically into subfolders and do any other specific actions.

The problem comes in combining the two. When a rule moves an email to a different folder, it doesn’t play the sound, show the desktop alert, or put the envelope in the system tray.

The best I have found to work around this is to have the rule play a sound (which can be the same sound as outlook) and click the box to “display a Desktop Alert.” See image:

If you have multiple rules, and don’t want to create this for each one, simply create one rule to catch all, play the sound and display the alert. Then make sure this rule is at the top of the list.